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That original TMNT   theme song vocal?

Teenage Mutant...

That's me.

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James Mandell is...


"Glues a gleeful galacticity!"
-  Huffington Star

An Elektra/Asylum recording artist in the 80's, James Mandell was a studio session singer when he got the call to record a demo for a nutty pilot about four young mutant turtles who knew how to fight.

"We got it in two takes and I wanted to to do another one but they said let's just add some harmony and it'll be fine for the demo. Five years later, it was on pinball machines.

"SciFi has always been filled with hi-tech insanity, from flying cars to inter- species love trysts. I got so bored with all the  gloomy  post-apocalyptic movie crap, I wanted to channel a cool future that actually worked.

"If we ever make it off this ball, there'll be infinite layers of crazy variety and riches. Here's my vision of it, with affection, retro and comedy.


Hug the glow!

"A veritable stage musical for your brain."
-  6G Schwartz57, Daily Rocket
"Dis hoomon kraykray. B crful not eet"
-  Splorna Dune, Gas Glaxie
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The Sci-Fi Rock Guy Final.png

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Keepin' Up with the Jetsons
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