February 27, 2017

I was reading a familiar-sounding dispatch from Trappist-1 the other day -- something about local planet-hopping, that long-standing cultural tradition so prevalent between the Inner Four that it's practically a birthright for most citizens. Given there's what, a 2- or 3-day distance at sub-speed travel between those tightly orbiting globes that it's normal to book a round-trip between all of them over thre...

February 11, 2017

You may have caught the NatGeo series Mars, a half fictional sci-fi yarn, half current documentary, unlike most anything we've seen before.  Each episode advanced the futurific tale of the first crew flying to the red planet in 2033, determined to make a go of establishing its first permanent scientific colony.

But what was so jarring at first, was the story getting regularly intercut with present-day inter...

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