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Time vs Choices

I keep a twitter journal of daily efforts chronicling the minutia overwhelm in electronic creation. For some artists, it’s an easy thing to lay down a quick sequenced beat, then add a bass and rhythm line that quickly materializes into a recorded final.

For me, mmm... not so much. Take that bass line, f’rinstance. It’s bass choice #20-something, because I keep trying to filter a sound that’s both fat and futuristic. One that cuts through without overwhelming the EQ spectrum, muffling other instrument subtleties. And drives the song with a cool Blap at the beginning of each note.

One way of doing that is to go to existing bass samples and simply use the factory model. Unless you’d like to tinker jesssst... a little bit with the midrange. There – that oughta do it! Except it doesn’t quite fit into the mix with the kick, but instead has the effect of neutralizing it somehow. Hmmmm. Maybe another approach – and sample – altogether would ease the problem and give it a fresh feel.

This is a process that so many of us repeat on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, until we either net just what we’re looking for or decide to temporarily shelve it with this pretty OK version and fix it, like, later.

Good thing to love what you’re doing, eh?

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