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Trappist-1: Hello Neighbors!

I was reading a familiar-sounding dispatch from Trappist-1 the other day -- something about local planet-hopping, that long-standing cultural tradition so prevalent between the Inner Four that it's practically a birthright for most citizens. Given there's what, a 2- or 3-day distance at sub-speed travel between those tightly orbiting globes that it's normal to book a round-trip between all of them over three Earth-weeks and come home refreshed and renewed from all the sights.

This writer, Scraasch4blurnZel, is going on about the comfort accommodations between different class tourist ships and how you meet more interesting species if you travel lower class than if you simply space-jump from rock to rock. Which saves time but unless you're aristocracy, drains your zorbit account before you make it back to base.

And I'm thinking, man, look at that: 'Don't matter where in the universe you are. It's the same logical set of experiential journeying, whether you're organic or atomic. We're totally connected to our quantum bros.

And then I realized, wait a sec, this communication is like, what, 40 light years old? No telling WHAT'S gone in since then. Deep!

Shook my head, re-upped a nice shot o' Netfog org-ent (addicted to Astro 'Burbs), laid back and let the stories fly. It's a wacky U.

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